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What to Expect

You will experience 30-60 minutes of photographing and posing time. Your session may last longer depending on your newborn's needs (diaper changing, feeding, etc). I understand all of those needs (I have 2 young kids) and will be flexible with whatever may come up! ​

Helpful Hints

*I know I am a happy photographer when I am well fed. With that said (I'm not asking you to bring me treats!) make sure your little sweetie is also well fed before the session. Well fed babies are happy and sleepy which results in relaxed and peaceful photographs!

*Newborn photography is most successful when baby is sleeping. When little ones are brand new, they are sleepy and not disturbed as much by posing and moving them around. For that reason, the best time to photograph your newborn is in the first 2 weeks of life.

*I love to photograph newborns in a natural way (birthday suit) but I also love using props, fun outfits, or interesting textures. I do have many photo props you are welcome to chose from. If you would like your newborn photographed in a cute outfit, please limit it to 2 or less. New babies get a little cranky with changing them over and over again. Also feel free to bring a sentimental item you would like incorporated into the session.

*If mom, dad or siblings will be photographed, it is best to wear neutral colors without patterns (black, white, grey, tan). We want your newborn to be the star of the show and don't want too many competing colors or patterns.

Are we a good match? Click HERE to shoot me a message and I would love to answer any other questions you have and get you all set up for your Photography by Jen experience!

Newborn Photography

How Do I get Started?

I love to invest in my Photography by Jen families so I'm going to set aside 30-60 minutes just for you, in a creative collaboration session before your little one even gets in front of my camera. I want to get to know you, discuss what kind of artwork you are hoping to put on your wall and answer any questions you have. I would be ecstatic to hear from you so shoot me an email and lets capture your memories together!!

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