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Family Portrait information

What to Expect

I understand that children (and sometimes adults) experience a short attention span so I will arrive early so I am prepared and ready for action! I work fast so you will experience  around 30-60 minutes of photographing and posing time. I am also flexible so if we are shooting a variety of poses or groupings, I will allow for as much time as it takes to get the best shots! 

Helpful Hints: Getting ready and being photographed can be a stressful and tense experience for your whole family. Keep these hints in mind to help your experience be as enjoyable as possible!

*I know I am a happy photographer when I am well rested with a full tummy. With that said (I'm not asking you to bring me treats!) make sure your family is also well rested and has eaten before the session. Your family will experience a more relaxed and peaceful portrait session because of it!

*Sometimes it can be difficult to get your kids to smile. Part of my job is to help you look fabulous so leave the smile encouragement to me! Because i want natural and genuine smiles, I will not tell you to say cheese or any other food group for that matter. I will be silly, unexpected, goofy or whatever I need to be to help your family reach a point of genuine enjoyment! Genuine emotions make for the best portraits!

What Do I Wear?

What a great question! Choose a palette of 3 or 4 colors that look good together and then mix and match. You don't want to be too matchy-matchy (all wearing denim shirts for instatnce) but you want the colors to go together. Here are some examples. You want to choose a color pallete that matches the season you will be getting your portraits taken in. I love to provide my clients with personalized service so I am available to give you my opinion if you want to text me a photo of some outfits you are considering!

How Do I Get Started?

I love to invest in my Photography by Jen families so I'm going to set aside 30-60 minutes just for you in a creative collaboration session before you even get in front of my camera. I want to get to know you, discuss what kind of artwork you are hoping to put on your wall and answer any questions you have.   I would be ecstatic to hear from you so shoot me an email and lets capture your memories together!!

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